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Frequently Asked Questions

frequently asked questions
Frequently Asked Questions + Answers

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers!

1. What are DJ drops?

 A DJ Drop is a short (usually less than 10-15 seconds) voice sample, or custom voice-over that you play with your DJ mixes or during a live perfomance. It’s a great way to market yourself, and to quickly and easily let your audience know who you are! DJ drops are also a great way to stand out and sound very professional! (This is #1 of our most frequently asked questions).

2. Can I make my own DJ drops for free? 

Yes, you certainly can. You’ll just need to buy the software and recording studio equipment. You can save time, money, and the frustration of learning a new program, by just ordering our DJ drops. We’ll do the hard work for you! 

3. Can you make the custom DJ drops I want?

Yes, just send us a message about what you want. We know that you want your drops to be unique and unlike the other DJs out there! We are happy to make custom DJ drops. We’ll discuss your needs and talk about the best options. It will also be helpful if we have an audio recording of what  you want it to sound like, for pronunciation and accuracy. 

4. Are your free DJ drops really free?

Surprisingly, this is one of our most frequently asked questions. haha Yes, we promise they’re 100% free, no catch at all! Although we’d love a shout out on social media, which is still technically free to do! Check out our free DJ Drops page!

5. How long will it take to receive my drops or intros? 

We strive for 3 business days for pre-made orders. If you have a custom order, with different drops, it will be 3-5 business days. Remember, we’re actually DJs, too, so if you order on a weekend, we won’t process it until Sunday, at the earliest. 

6. How will I receive my DJ drop files? 

We will email all files to the email you provide us. All files will be sent as 320 Kbps MP3s. We added this onto most pages, but in case you missed it, we wanted to add it to our frequently asked questions list, too.

7. What is the difference between a “dry DJ drop” and a “produced” (also called “wet”) DJ drop?

This is also one of our most frequently asked questions. Our dry drops will simply be vocals only. We will still add basic vocal effects, but there will be no sound effects or other samples added. 

Produced/wet DJ drops have more effects, sound effects, samples, etc. Most DJ drops you hear on the radio are produced. If drops are played during DJ mixes, those are usually dry, or produced, but with minimal sound effects, so it doesn’t overpower the mix. 

8. Why do you need an audio file of my name or drop info? 

We require this so that we produce the drop exactly the way you want it to sound. It takes the guesswork out of it and minimizes revisions. Also, if your name is not common, it helps us to know how to pronounce it correctly. 

You don’t have to send us a produced video or anything. Simply record a message on your cell phone and send it to our email: 

9. Can I write my own script or tell you exactly what I want? 

Yes, absolutely! Just send us the info in an email and audio file. These will be custom drops and cost more, since there is far more work involved. 

10. Do you offer female DJ drops or Spanish DJ drops?

Yes, we sure do! Female DJ drops are very popular, so we do need 3-5 business days for these. Check out our female drops page for some examples. 

Our Spanish DJ drops are great for DJs who play Spanish genres and do bilingual events! These drops will be done by a native Spanish speaker, and not someone who’s merely reading a script and cannot pronounce it correctly! check out our Spanish drops page for examples. (This is #2 of our most frequently asked questions).

Still have more questions that didn’t make it onto our frequently asked questions list? Send us an email and we’ll be happy to help!