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DJ Drops, Intros, and Samples 101

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Wondering about what the differences are between dj drops, dj intros, and samples? We’ll, we’re here to help you learn that, quickly and easily! Let’s dive right in. 

dj intros dj samples
DJ drops, intros & DJ samples

DJ Drops 

DJ drops are normally short voice-over recordings that are literally “dropped” into the mix. This can be in a live DJ mix, or a recorded mix. They usually identify the DJ’s name. Some drops may even have the set name, such as an 80s set may have “DJ ___ mixing the best of the 80s!” 

Famous Drops/Producer Tags

Drops can also be used for producers or beat makers, too! We’ve all heard “another one” from DJ Khaled. This is his producer drop or tag. 

I’m convinced that DJ Khaled became as big as he did simply because he continually identified himself on his tracks. Imagine if he never identified himself and simply let the artist(s) do the song? No one would probably know who produced the track. 

Do you know who produced any of your other favorite tracks? Probably not. Whether you are a DJ, producer, or band, having a drop created is a great way to identify yourself and an amazing way to market yourself, too! 

DJ Intros

DJ intros and drops are very similar. Drops are usually 15 seconds or less. DJ intros are often 15 – 30 seconds long.

DJ intros are often produced with sound effects and vocal effects. They are also often more elaborate. Intros may have more speaking from the voice-over artist. For example, I used an intro that sounded exactly like the Dos XX commercial, but for my DJ set. This was when the commercial was new and all over TV and radio. 

So overall, DJ intros are similar to drops, but  usually  longer and more elaborate. 

DJ Samples

Lastly, we have DJ samples. DJ samples can be voice samples, sound effects, or a custom produced drop with all of the above!

DJ samples have been a part of Hip Hop music since its inception. Even today, you can still hear samples in the Pop and Hip Hop hits on the radio. 

Samples are basically a small piece of a song or vocal track. The producer or DJ may take just one line from a song and use it throughout the song, mix, or track. 

Samples in Hip Hop Songs

Think about Cardi B’s new song “WAP.” That song uses a sample from “Whores in this House,” which is an older song by Frank Ski, from the 90s. That’s a perfect example of what a sample is. They took the signature line from that song and repeated it for a new song! 

DJs can use samples to add to their mixes, too. Most DJs will use DJ samples for scratching. The most popular scratch sample is made from the “white noise” sound. 

You have likely heard the DJ scratch sample that starts with the “aaahhh” sound, followed by “fresh.” That’s a sample created from the white noise (TV noise) background! 

If you’re looking for samples, yes, we offer those too! Just visit our home page and fill out a contact form. Tell us what you’re looking for. We’ll likely have it. If we don’t, we can get it for you!