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How to Add DJ Drops to Serato

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add dj drops to Serato dj

Wondering how to add DJ drops to Serato DJ? Great, we’re here to help! We’ll show you exactly how to add DJ drops and samples to Serato DJ Pro.

We broke it down into 5 easy steps! This should only take you less than 10 minutes to do.

Total Time: 10 minutes

Step 1. Open Serato DJ Pro (with hardware connected)

add dj drops to Serato dj

How to add DJ drops to Serato – Turn on computer and your controller, turntables, mixer and bes sure you have Serato DJ open. Look at the left deck. Above the left deck, you’ll see a few options for you to use.

Step 2. Open the Sampler

step 2 serato dj sampler

Click on the air horn just above the track’s BPM. I highlighted 95 in yellow, along with the air horn, so you can see it easily (first photo). Once you click on it (above photo has mouse on air horn), your screen will look like the screen in the photo. These empty boxes are where you’ll add your samples/dj drops!

There are 8 sample boxes and 4 banks (for a total of 32 samples). You can use these to add DJ drops, loops, dj samples, effects, etc.

Step 3. Drag & Drop Sounds from Your Music Library

step 2 serato dj sampler

Now, simply find your DJ drops by typing in your names for your files. I label mine with the names of the drops, like “DJ drop 80s.” It’s also helpful if you create a record crate for your samples and simply label it drops, samples, etc. This way, you know exactly where to store and find them!

Once you find the drops or samples you want to add, drag them into the empty boxes. You can add up to 8 per sample bank. I organize mine based on the type of gig, such as: clubs/bars, festivals, school event, family-friendly, quinceanera, etc.

Step 4. Access Your DJ Samples

sampler buttons

Once you have finished dragging your drops/samples into each area and created your banks, you now just need to learn how to access them! It’s as simple as pressing the “sampler” button on your mixer or controller. Once you press it, you’ll see the 4 banks: Bank A,B, C, D.

Click on the bank you want to access, to use your preferred samples. The above photos is using the Pioneer DJM-S9 mixer. The top row controls the first 4 samples, and the bottom row controls the remaining 4 samples (for most mixers/controllers). Notice that you can load 8 on one deck, and 8 on the other, for 16 samples!

Step 5. Adjust Sample Volume

adjust dj sampler volume

Now that you have your samples loaded, test them out! Simply click on the pad you want to play. You can even create a stutter effect by repeatedly tapping on the sample before letting it play.

Use the slider to the left of the sample, to make it louder or quiter, by clicking and dragging on it. Some controllers also have a sampler volume button to control the volume of all your samples, easily. Additionally, next to the slider, you can adjust the tempo, pitch, sync to the song playling, pitch lock, etc.

Add DJ Drops to Serato: Done!

Overall, be sure to familiarize yourself with all of the features of the sampler before using the samples in a live set! That’s it! You can now use samples, loops, dj drops, one hits, etc., for transitions, intros, etc. If you’re looking for DJ drops to add to your set, visit our produced drops page. Happy mixing!

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