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Radio DJ Drops: Get the Best

Looking for professional DJ drops to buy, and/or intros that the radio stations, radio DJs, and professional DJs use? You’ve found us! 

we focus on one thing:

The Best DJ Drops!

High Quality

We provide the highest quality, 320 kbps samples, so you & your DJ audio sound amazing!


We always stick to our deadlines and provide top notch customer service!


Get 3, professionally produced drops or a DJ intros pack for only 24.95!

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about us

yes, we're djs, too!

About Us

We’re passionate about all things DJ related, as we’re long-time DJs, too! We’re not like the other guys who have never actually been a DJ!

We checked out the other “top” sites with  drops for sale and they just weren’t the style we were looking for. They all sounded the same, some had a weird voice style, and some of the prices to buy even just one DJ drop were ridiculous.

We decided, why not create our own drop with a voice that sounded different from the rest & add great customer service? Boom… Radio DJ Drops was born! 

Now, you can get: 

  • High quality, unique voice drop samples
  • DJ intros
  • Female voice drop samples
  • Spanish voice drop samples
  • Fully Custom drops 
  • Professional voice commercials for radio stations
  • Perfect for a podcast, YouTube intro, artist production
  • Voiceovers, voice tags & more, all in one place!

Custom, Produced Drops, DJ Intros, Radio Imaging

Here is an example of our professionally produced DJ drop for radio that is already pre-made. We’ll simply change the station name to your station’s name. Check out our other pre-made samples that we’ve already made for clients. We’ll just change the DJ’s name to your DJ name, producer tag, beat tag, drop, etc. 

Order a custom package for just $24.95! Yes, that’s not a typo. :) You’ll get THREE professionally produced, high quality audio voice samples pack for only $24.95! Be sure to check out our Soundcloud for more examples! 


To listen to more of our produced DJ intros, drops, tags, and fully custom voice work, check out the produced DJ drops page!

"Dry" Drops, Beat Tags, Producer Tags

Get any DJ drop or intro produced (with drop sound effects) or “dry” (with just vocals and no audio sound effects). Below, is an example.

For more examples, please visit our dry dj drop page! 

Spanish Custom DJ Drops

Looking for a great DJ drop in Spanish, from a native Spanish speaker? We’ve got you covered. Order the best today!

For more examples, visit our Spanish DJ drops/intros page! 

Female Voice

Below, is one of our pre-made female DJ drops. We’ll be uploading more to our female dj drops/intros page, soon. Simply visit our custom drops page for more info on how to order them. 

Visit our female DJ drops/intros page for more examples!

Free DJ Drop Pack

Everyone loves free stuff! We do too. Visit our free DJ drops free download page for free high quality audio samples you can download, right now. Yes, you don’t even have to order it!  

Have Questions About a Custom Package?

Need more info or have a question before you order? Contact our customer service, today!


If You're a DJ, Get These!

I’ve been trying make my own DJ drops for free. It took a while to learn, and just didn't sound good. I didn't like the other sites' samples, as they weren't what I was looking for. Save yourself the time and aggravation – just order some from Jason! They're affordable and sound amazing! Other DJs will wonder where you got your DJ voice drop(s)
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Jesse C.
Mobile DJ
happy DJs, produces & clients!

Questions? we have answers

Frequently Asked Questions

DJ Drop is a short (usually less than 10-15 seconds) voice sample, or voice-over of your D.J. name that you play with your D.J. mixes or during a live performance. It’s a great way to market yourself, and to quickly and easily let your audience know who you are (in a unique voice). They are also a great way to stand out and sound very professional! 

This is just one of many FAQs. Please visit our frequently asked questions page for more questions and get our answers! If you still have questions, contact a customer service staff from our customer service team, today. Be sure to check out our blog

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